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Oh Nooo! Not Another Political Post! 05/31/2012

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The political season is certainly in full bloom. We have people hurling insults around, calling people names, making untrue claims, stretching the truth and demonizing the other side.  (I’m actually just talking about my Facebook friends here)

I really have to wonder what my friends are thinking who regularly post mean-spirited, politically divisive rhetoric.  I suppose they somehow believe that they are helping their cause, and making a difference in the world. (We do all have to get our preferred political party reelected you know) Actually, my son shared a word for this type of activity; he said it is called “slactivisim.”

“Slactivism” is a combination of the word slacker and activism. It is used to describe the feeling of satisfaction that we get when we feel like we have done something worthwhile for our cause without really having done anything at all. An excellent example of slactivisim would be to post the current talking points of your preferred political party or cause of the day without really going out into the world yourself to make a difference.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of free speech, my job requires me to talk all the time, much to the chagrin of many folks, (especially my wife) and to take what are often countercultural positions on issues of politics and theology, so freedom of speech is a gift which I deeply cherish. But to intentionally post rhetoric that is mean-spirited and divisive is wrong no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that we have lost the ability to simply talk about the issues, to openly discuss them, to respectfully share ideas and to be as concerned for the wellbeing of others as we are for our own.  I finished watching the mini-series “The Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s” last night. I was appalled, troubled, saddened and angered by what I watched, but I will be recommending it to everyone who will listen because it demonstrates in graphic detail what can happen when people demonize one another, when people stop talking with each other and just talk at each other, and especially what happens when we fail to love our neighbor as ourselves.

To my friends who post pictures of their cats and dogs, to those who make me laugh and cry, to those who share their lives through their posts, I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. To those who use Facebook to promote their political and theological ideology ……. Well… just know that most of your friends probably agree with me, they just don’t care enough about you to tell you the truth:)



You Will Be Missed Always 05/21/2012

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It seems like our family just continues to experience one tragedy after another. This evening our family lost our dear and precious friend Ginger. So far in the past twelve months we have lost Karen’s mom, then my sister became critically ill, we then had to have her two older dogs Sully and Cloud Dancing (CD) put to sleep, in the meantime, my sister’s condition has continued to deteriorate and then last night Ginger became ill and passed away this evening at the animal hospital.

My daughter, Terri, has done such a wonderful job taking care of Ginger since we brought her home from my sister’s house last July.  I will never forget Ginger wearing her favorite sweater, dancing for her food and her special way of howling when she wanted something. Ginger had the most unusual eyes of any dog I have ever seen, and our world will never be quite the same without Ginger to brighten our days.

Thank-you Ginger for being such a good and faithful friend, you were the best!