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Appalachian Trail 08/27/2012

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My oldest and perhaps most precious dream began back in the early eighties during my Chiropractic College years down in Georgia. One of my favorite past times was to go backpacking up in the mountains of Northern Georgia. I always believed that if someone wanted to, they could get so lost in those woods that no one could ever find them.

One day in my travels, I happened upon a place called Amicalola Falls State Park. I learned that in the park there was an approach trail to Springer Mountain, which is the Southern terminus to the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail or AT, is a hiking trail that extends from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. The trail is somewhere around 2,184 miles long and each year hundreds of people called “thru hikers” begin the task of hiking the entire trail in one season.

I must admit that I was fascinated by the idea and a seed was planted.

In 1992 I picked up a book completely by chance titled “Blind Courage, The story of Bill Irwin, who with his Dog Orient, became the first blind person to thru-hike the 2,100 mile Appalachian Trail”

From that moment on, I was hooked. I couldn’t put the book down, and since that time I have read dozens of books on the Appalachian Trail and thru hikers.

Through the years I have backpacked and hiked small sections of the trail, always with a yearning in my heart to continue farther down the trail and see what was around the next bend and over the next mountain.

Perhaps someday (maybe in retirement) I will have the opportunity to take 6 months and hike the trail. I have even heard of 71 year old grandmothers who have thru hiked the trail, so that gives me hope.

I have seriously considered “section hiking” the trail, which is where you hike as much as you can over a week or so, and when you are able to return, you begin back at the same point and continue forward over a series of years until you have accomplished the goal of the entire trail.

In the meantime, I continue to dream, and read and prepare for what would be the journey of a lifetime. Anyone want to join me?




You Want To Build WHAT?? 08/21/2012

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Ok, here is dream number one. This is not necessarily in any particular order, but I have to start somewhere:)  Too be honest, I am not sure exactly where this dream came from. My brother loved to sail, but I have only been out on a sailboat once, and even though it was an awesome experience and I loved it, the dream of building and sailing my own sailboat is a little more of a recent phenomena.

Ok, here is a true confession. Now don’t laugh! (I can see you stating to shake your head and hear you snickering already) I am afraid that part of the inspiration for this dream is from John Candy’s movie “Summer Rental.”  In the movie John Candy plays an over worked air-traffic controller (Jack Chester) who takes his family on a summer vacation and ends up learning to sail from an old buccaneer named Scully.

Scully  [Discussing the ocean] She’ll make ya rich, or she’ll feed ya to the fishes. If she wants you to dance, sonny boy, you’ve got to follow her lead.
Jack Chester (John Candy): Didn’t I read that on your bathroom wall?
Scully: Yes. And it’s as true today as when I hung it there.

One day while looking at a kayak website, I happened upon a sailboat called “Pocketship” and fell immediately in love. It is small enough that you can build it in a garage, and can be pulled behind a small vehicle. It is also large enough for four people to sail and two can comfortably sleep in the roomy interior.

Here is the link to Pocketship’s website:


Now here is the bad news. First of all, I have never built a boat before, and the second problem is that I have no idea how to sail. The good news is that 10 years ago I didn’t know anything about being a minister either and look at me today:) (Of course there may be those who say that I still don’t know anything about being a minister, but that’s beside the point:)

So I think that my first step will be to order the construction manual and the plans, save my money and who knows maybe my garage will one day be a Pocketship factory.


Hopes and Dreams 08/20/2012

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I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the words, “Jim, you think way too much!”  I have no doubt that those words are said to me in a spirit of love, usually in an effort to assist me so that I don’t  take life so seriously, and I suppose the honest truth is that I do spend a great deal of time in thought, prayer and reflection. (Thank-goodness I am a minister:)

Well, here recently, I have been thinking a great deal about mortality, dreams, hopes, joys, accomplishments and a long list of things left undone. Perhaps it is because my brother passed away at the age of 58, maybe it is because I have spent over one year now dealing with and helping my sister through an extended illness. (She was only 55 when this odyssey began last year) Maybe it is because I have a birthday coming up in about a month and I realize that I am not far from being the same age as my sister and brother when their health issues became life threatening. Or, perhaps it is because I just got news of a dear friend (about my age) who has begun a battle with cancer.

Regardless of why, I have come to the realization that life is indeed short, and our journey at best is a brief one. I also realize that I haven’t been taking the time here recently to share my journey as I had intended. As with many things in life, I think about something to write, but I decide that perhaps it is too trivial or I really don’t know what I want to say, and I then let the opportunity to share the experience go. I have also missed opportunities to share with you because I wanted to share some great theological insight or deep meaning and sometimes I hate to admit it but my mind just isn’t always thinking theologically. (Please don’t tell the Bishop:)

The reality is that I have a great many dreams and goals that I would like to accomplish and I have discovered that as I have read the blogs and watched the videos of others, it has helped me a great deal to give me ideas and inspire my journey. So, my plan is simple, I am going to be a little more proactive about my blogging, the topics are going to be different and varied, and if you have thought I was a bit scatter brained before, just wait! I hope that my words and experiences will be as much of an inspiration to you and your dreams as so many others have been to me. I just have to decide which of my dreams, goals and projects I want to share first:)