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Hopes and Dreams 08/20/2012

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I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the words, “Jim, you think way too much!”  I have no doubt that those words are said to me in a spirit of love, usually in an effort to assist me so that I don’t  take life so seriously, and I suppose the honest truth is that I do spend a great deal of time in thought, prayer and reflection. (Thank-goodness I am a minister:)

Well, here recently, I have been thinking a great deal about mortality, dreams, hopes, joys, accomplishments and a long list of things left undone. Perhaps it is because my brother passed away at the age of 58, maybe it is because I have spent over one year now dealing with and helping my sister through an extended illness. (She was only 55 when this odyssey began last year) Maybe it is because I have a birthday coming up in about a month and I realize that I am not far from being the same age as my sister and brother when their health issues became life threatening. Or, perhaps it is because I just got news of a dear friend (about my age) who has begun a battle with cancer.

Regardless of why, I have come to the realization that life is indeed short, and our journey at best is a brief one. I also realize that I haven’t been taking the time here recently to share my journey as I had intended. As with many things in life, I think about something to write, but I decide that perhaps it is too trivial or I really don’t know what I want to say, and I then let the opportunity to share the experience go. I have also missed opportunities to share with you because I wanted to share some great theological insight or deep meaning and sometimes I hate to admit it but my mind just isn’t always thinking theologically. (Please don’t tell the Bishop:)

The reality is that I have a great many dreams and goals that I would like to accomplish and I have discovered that as I have read the blogs and watched the videos of others, it has helped me a great deal to give me ideas and inspire my journey. So, my plan is simple, I am going to be a little more proactive about my blogging, the topics are going to be different and varied, and if you have thought I was a bit scatter brained before, just wait! I hope that my words and experiences will be as much of an inspiration to you and your dreams as so many others have been to me. I just have to decide which of my dreams, goals and projects I want to share first:)





1. Nancy Day-Achauer - 08/21/2012

Looking forward to your return to blogging.

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