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You Want To Build WHAT?? 08/21/2012

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Ok, here is dream number one. This is not necessarily in any particular order, but I have to start somewhere:)  Too be honest, I am not sure exactly where this dream came from. My brother loved to sail, but I have only been out on a sailboat once, and even though it was an awesome experience and I loved it, the dream of building and sailing my own sailboat is a little more of a recent phenomena.

Ok, here is a true confession. Now don’t laugh! (I can see you stating to shake your head and hear you snickering already) I am afraid that part of the inspiration for this dream is from John Candy’s movie “Summer Rental.”  In the movie John Candy plays an over worked air-traffic controller (Jack Chester) who takes his family on a summer vacation and ends up learning to sail from an old buccaneer named Scully.

Scully  [Discussing the ocean] She’ll make ya rich, or she’ll feed ya to the fishes. If she wants you to dance, sonny boy, you’ve got to follow her lead.
Jack Chester (John Candy): Didn’t I read that on your bathroom wall?
Scully: Yes. And it’s as true today as when I hung it there.

One day while looking at a kayak website, I happened upon a sailboat called “Pocketship” and fell immediately in love. It is small enough that you can build it in a garage, and can be pulled behind a small vehicle. It is also large enough for four people to sail and two can comfortably sleep in the roomy interior.

Here is the link to Pocketship’s website:


Now here is the bad news. First of all, I have never built a boat before, and the second problem is that I have no idea how to sail. The good news is that 10 years ago I didn’t know anything about being a minister either and look at me today:) (Of course there may be those who say that I still don’t know anything about being a minister, but that’s beside the point:)

So I think that my first step will be to order the construction manual and the plans, save my money and who knows maybe my garage will one day be a Pocketship factory.




1. Lonnie McCool - 08/21/2012

Leroy Jethro Higdon?

2. pastorhigdon - 08/21/2012

Hey Lonnie, I get mistaken for Mark Harmon all the time LOL

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