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You’re Doing What For Lent? 02/19/2013

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kayak fishing

My daughter, Terri, asked me if I decided to blog for Lent. She observed that I haven’t touched my blog for over six months and then suddenly I started writing something almost every day. So, in case you were wondering what I have in mind, the answer to her question is… Yes, I decided that I would be more intentional about writing during Lent.

The idea began as a conversation during Bible Study a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing the Biblical significance of fasting and why some people choose to give things up for the season of Lent. During our conversation, I shared with the group that another option that I had heard about recently was that instead of giving something up for Lent, you could add something instead. A great way to honor God during Lent would be to add a spiritual discipline such as an extra Bible Study, additional prayer time, volunteer work, or even extra help around the church.

The more I thought about the idea of adding something this year, the more I was drawn to the idea of writing again. I have no doubt that writing in my blog during seminary helped keep me focused (and sane) and since that time, it has been a helpful outlet and an enjoyable way to stay connected with people.

So, that is my plan, I am pretty sure that writing daily isn’t going to happen. Yesterday, for instance, I left the house at 10:00 AM to go to the hospital and didn’t return home until after 8:00 PM which didn’t leave much time (or energy) for writing. But we will just take things a day at a time and see how the journey through Lent goes.

Oh,  by the way, I hesitate to mention this last spiritual discipline that I would like to add during the Lenten season and although an argument could be made that it is certainly Biblical, I am not sure that everyone would agree with me that it is indeed a “spiritual” discipline.

However, with that said, one of my greatest joys is time spent out on the water in my kayak fishing, and there is no doubt that I haven’t taken any time lately to pursue that discipline (the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated either.) I have always believed that time spent fishing from my kayak could perhaps be one of my greatest opportunities to be in God’s presence. (Jesus seemed pretty partial to a group of fishermen around the Sea of Galilee didn’t he?)

Henry David Thoreau once said, “Many men go fishing their entire lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.” I on the other hand know exactly what I am after when I go fishing. So maybe the best thing I could do during Lent is to go fishing and then write about it….. This is really is starting to sound good to me 🙂



1. Judy Schoonover - 02/19/2013

I am happy you are writing again…you re-inforce many ideas that I have and you make me smile..thank you…I have commented on several posts of “what are you giving up for lent” that I find it more satisfing to add something…much in the line of your thoughts…that does not surprise me at all…sooo I will be reading, as I did when you were at MTSO and sometimes commenting…”Enjoy the Journey” my friend 🙂

pastorhigdon - 02/20/2013

I am not sure where the idea of adding something for Lent came from. I know that it is a pretty recent discovery for me, at least sometime in the past few years. Thank-you for being such a good friend:)

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