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Someone Is WRONG on the Internet… 02/21/2013

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My son, Ben, posted a comment on Facebook yesterday. He was concerned that he had taken the time to create an entire Excel spreadsheet in order to win an argument on the internet and he wondered if that much effort would indicate that perhaps he had a problem. In response, one of his friends posted this awesome cartoon. My friends, I can’t tell you how many times in the past few years I found myself it that position. (Ben you are just out of luck, it runs in the family)

I was sharing with my people in Bible Study last night about my blog. (Have you ever tried to explain the word blog to folks who don’t even own a computer?) In our conversation,  I shared with them a little bit of the history of when I started writing and why I began. I actually started writing in a hand written journal shortly after receiving the call to enter ministry. I found it to be a wonderful way to keep my thoughts straight and to remember the ups and downs of the journey. It is humbling to look back now and remember the challenges that I faced along the way and to remember the times when God showed up when I didn’t know where to turn.

I then began writing a blog, Koinonnia in Connexion, during my last year of seminary. ( I know, try explaining to someone what that means, I think I was using big words in an effort to sound smarter than I was) Actually, I began writing as an outlet for stress, it ended up being very inexpensive therapy, which helped get me through one of the most difficult periods of my life.

When I began writing, I had just been slammed very hard by the District Board of Ordained Ministry and I was terrified that I wouldn’t stand a chance when it came time to meet with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry to seek approval for Commissioning. I was also looking ahead to the last year of seminary that I had no idea where the money was coming from for the books, tuition and fees, and, in addition, I was in the process of preparing for my “mandatory” Cross Cultural Immersion trip to El Salvador which I once again didn’t know how I was going to pay for. ( I wasn’t even sure where the money was coming from for the passport, let alone the trip.)

I was stressed, and worried, I feared that I had given up my practice and gone all the way though seminary just to hear the words “Thanks but no thanks.” I felt a little bit like Richard Gere’s character in “An Office and a Gentleman” I can’t quit because “I’ve got no place else to go!” And in many ways I felt alone. So, I began writing, I wrote about things that were happening in school, I wrote about things that were happening in my life and I wrote about the ordination process, what I was doing and what I was thinking and feeling.

The remarkable part was that people started reading it. I always assumed that it would be me and a half dozen people back home in Indiana reading my ramblings, but then I started getting comments and emails from others, some going through the same process, others who had been down the same road and wanted to let me know that there was a light eventually coming at the end of the tunnel. (And it wasn’t just another train.) I also met people who were incredibly supportive, kind and helpful along the way.

As I blogged I began to learn a great deal about myself and about the struggles that others faced. I learned that not everyone was going to agree with me (go figure that one) I also learned that what I thought might be read by only people I knew, might actually be read by people who I didn’t know and that can be humbling as well. (I also learned to choose my words carefully because I never knew when I would have to eat them)

So as I continue to share with you during our Journey through Lent, I encourage you to add the discipline of writing and journaling. It doesn’t have to be online, or even in a fancy journal. A spiral bound notebook and an ink pen work very well. If you do decide to start writing, send me a note and let me know how it’s going.




1. Judy Schoonover - 02/21/2013

I had forgotten that is wasn’t always “Joy in the Journey” Until I read it here…writing is definatley one of your gifts…and I thank you for sharing it….

pastorhigdon - 02/21/2013

Judy, You are very kind and thank-you for having been right there with me from the beginning:)

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