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The Crime of Pizza Delivery… 02/25/2013

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2 liter

I haven’t decided whether or not to write this post tongue-in-cheek or to approach it from a serious perspective, so I think that I will just write it and let you decide:)

I was amazed (astounded, flabbergasted, confused… you pick the adjective) when I read this morning that NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban has now been extended to 2 liter bottles delivered during pizza deliveries. I am not sure whether I should be rolling on the floor laughing, or lock myself in an underground bunker to prepare for the end of the world. Seriously, I don’t know whether I should be laughing about this or mourning a great loss.

I have to admit that I am really curious about New Yorkers. The New Yorkers that I have had the privilege to meet though the years have tended to be shoot from the hip, matter of fact, and don’t take… err ummm… “stuff” from anybody types of people. But yet, here it is… one after another of their rights are being taken away from them and I have yet to see my New York friends rise up and say enough is enough??? It really makes me wonder what is going on.

I try to imagine what would happen around here in Southern Indiana if suddenly our governor were to impose a similar ban or worse yet, tell us that something like… say… Twinkies were no longer going to be available, now those would be serious fight’n words around these parts… You say that Twinkies are no longer available… seriously??? Oh the humanity!!!!!! I’m on my way to the bunker right now!! (What you don’t know is that I actually have a lifetime supply of Twinkies already stashed away for moments such as these)

I remember my favorite radio personality Gary Burbank who used to broadcast from 700 WLW in Cincinnati until he retired. I would always enjoy listening to his radio program in the afternoons while I picked up the kids from school. One of his online personalities was a loveable redneck named Earl Pitts, American, (pronounced, Uhmerikun) who would editorialize about various aspects of political and family life in America such as which types of cheese a “real man” would eat. Earl felt that American cheese would be totally acceptable, any cheese that came sliced and individually wrapped in plastic was satisfactory,” Velveeter” cheese was definitely on the list and finally Cheeze Whiz, because any cheese that was willing to name itself after a bodily function was OK in his book. At the end of each editorial, Earl Pitts would end his segment with the words “WAKE UP AMERICA… Pitts off…”

This morning, as I ponder the crime of delivering 2 liter soft drinks with pizza, I think I will just echo the words of the illustrious Mr. Pitts and say… Wake Up America!!!!




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