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America, The Golden Dream 07/04/2013

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Yesterday I shared with you how freedom may be an “Impossible Dream,” but a dream which we must continue to pursue no matter the cost. Today on this 4th of July, I want to share with you that this great experiment in democracy, this “Golden Dream” has been a part of our DNA from the very beginning.

Happy Birthday America!!! Keep on flying high…


America, spread your golden wings
Sail on freedom’s wind, across the sky.
Great bird, with your golden dreams
flying high, flying high.

Restless one in a world of change,
keeping dreams aloft in the rain.
Spirit free, soaring through the clouds
of time, of time.

America, you must keep dreaming now
Dreaming the promised vow of your pioneers
America, keep on flying now.
Keep your spirit free.
Facing new frontiers.

America, spread your golden wings
Sail on freedom’s wind across the sky.
Great bird with your golden dreams,
Flying high, flying high,
Flying high, flying high!

I hope that you enjoy this song which has been part of our family since our first trip to Epcot over 20 years!!!



1. Judy Schoonover - 07/04/2013

Thank you, Jim 🙂

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